Friday, January 04, 2008

Teacher Gift

For Christmas I was going to make my daughter's teacher a name frame... and I got to thinking about how young she was and how she had a boyfriend and what if she gets married and changes her name and then wouldn't be able to use her name frame for very long. So I looked at my All in the Family stamp set and decided to do a sort of class picture. I counted the number of girls and boys in the class, but I didn't really make note of their features so I winged the hair colors/styles, etc. Here is how that turned out.

It took me a few tries to get them all in the space alloted. I finally figured out to start in the bottom row and put the heads on before I started the feet for the next row. The ribbons are the school colors. I paper pieced the clothes and colored with markers for the skin and hair.

I wasn't too thrilled with how this came out. So I attached another piece to the back and put her name on it so she has the option of choosing which side she wants to show. Here is the name side.

I went with the school colors again. Bravo Burgandy and More Mustard.

The thing I am the most thrilled with is the frame. When I bought it at the dollar store it was bright red chrome. Really shiney and bright. So I sanded it and rubbed some brown StazOn ink on it and voila! Perfecto!!!

We got a thank you note from the teacher yesterday and I think she prefers the "class picture" side because she went on and on about it and how the kids were all trying to figure out who was who. When I gave it to her, it was on the name side with an explaination that she could flip it over.


Crystal said...

LOVE the classroom picture frame!!! GREAT use of the set! Also, Ms. Thwing? Seriously? Is that like Ms. Thang?

Jana Emmert said...

Great idea to make it double-sided. Love how you altered the frame and also the paper piecing for the clothes.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on both sides.. as a side comment ha ha with a name like MS. Thwing.. Well it's got to be good like Smuckers.. so I'd prefer to get married and have a ski at the end of my name ( like I do!)
That class picture rocks actually as the children are so diverse!