Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I finally got my hands on the new SU! catalog. It's not my copy, but my friend Crystal is letting me 'borrow' it until mine come, which will probably be tomorrow, but I couldn't wait any more!!!!

I'm gonna be in trouble...there is so much I want.

The next couple days are going to be crazy. Getting ready to go up north. Planning our next stamp camp. I've got to make 30 cards (5 different designs) and mail them by Friday. I don't know how that is going to happen unless I give up sleep. Work, kids, etc.

Carter has been complaining of his legs bothering him lately. Last night Corey asks me when Carter is supposed to go to the Dr. next. I told him we didn't have any appointments scheduled...and then he informs me that leg pains were something he complained of as a child due to poor circulation from his heart condition. After the doctors figured out what was wrong with Corey he had two surgeries to put a patch on his aorta. So now I am a little freaked out. We had Carter's heart checked when I was pregnant and everything looked normal then, but I'm still worried. I just made an appointment for him to see the Dr. next week. Hopefully it's just growing pains or something like that.

Well, time to go home!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The weekend is over

and it was a pretty good one. We dropped the kids off at my mom's to spend the night on Saturday. We went swimming. Carter wasn't too thrilled with the big pool at first, but he got used to it. He must've thought we were going in a little blowup pool or something. No wonder he thought my mom and I were crazy when we put on our suits and said we were going swimming with them. He kept giving us this funny look and when we were walking there he kept saying where are we going? Where is the pool?

Sunday I got to sleep in and do a little stamping before the kids came home. They went strawberry picking on the way back so I've got strawberries coming out the wazoo! The hubby watched the race and then we all played Zingo. It is the kids favorite thing to do right now. There were a couple of fights, but overall it was fun.

Now I am back to work. Two weeks and then it is time for our annual family trip to Ludington for the 4th of July weekend. Hopefully this year the fireworks don't get rained out.

Tonight is our demo meeting. I am facilitating. We are doing an altiod tin project. I wonder how many will show up. Seems like not many come to the meetings anymore and there have been a few dropping out of their demoships. It is kind of sad. But whatcha going to do?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Tuesday and I don't have much to say...

Nothing exciting is happening. I'm unmotivated to work. I can't wait for the new SU! catalog to come out so I can get excited about it, even though I don't have the money to buy stuff from it right now.

This weekend we did a little garage saleing. Picked up some baby stuff from my husband's cousin. All we need now is the crib.

I took the kids to the park yesterday after work. I think they enjoyed it. The other kids that were there were pretty rude. My daughter asked if she could play hide and seek with them and she went to hide and they didn't go looking for her. I told her to go play before we had to leave and she didn't really notice they weren't looking for her. Then one girl came and stood up on the bench I was sitting on and proceeded to yell over my head to her mother that she was going to climb the tree right behind me. Her mother told her no and I gave the kid a look for standing on the bench next to me. How RUDE!!!

I read that the baby can hear things from the outside now so I told the kids to say hi to her. My son was saying "hi sissy" and giving her kisses. I wonder if he will be nicer to her than he is to his big sister. I swear he just likes to fight with her. He has to disagree with everything she says. Sometimes it is funny.

I don't know what to do tonight. My husband has a networking seminar so he won't be home until later. Tomorrow night and Thursday night he's got stuff too so I don't know when I'll see him.

I need a vacation or something.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back to normal?

The kids are all healthy and back to daycare (knock on wood). Nothing too exciting happened the last few days.

Got my daughter's preschool report card. Said she was advanced academically and socially and that she is ready for kindergarten. My jaw dropped when I read this because just a month earlier I had called her teacher and discussed whether she should go into Early 5s or kindergarten and without a doubt the teacher said Early 5s. I agonized over it and finally came to terms with that was what was best for her and now a month later a complete 180. My husband met with her teacher the next day and she said we would be holding her back if we put her in Early 5s. She said the last evaluation she did was in December and that our daughter had made amazing progress since then. I wonder if she had my daughter confused with another girl when I talked to her in late April. So now my husband called the school and our daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall. She's young, but big for her age so at least this way she may fit in better in the long run. I don't really doubt that she can handle it, I never did.

No big plans for the weekend, but I need to work on my swaps. Now that the stamp camps are done I have all my supplies back at my house in one place!
I need to fix a couple ink pads that got dirty at the camp. Bummer! This one gal was rubbing them furiously on the background stamp and now all the edges are fraid. On top of that she took some light colored pads and used them on stamps that had residue on them from the dirty scrubbers. I can't believe how quickly those scrubbers get dirty at a stamp camp!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Home with a sick kid...

Today I am home with my son. My husband took him to the clinic on Sunday and his throat is all red and swollen so they put him on antibiotics. He has been on them for almost a full day but is still complaining of a sore mouth (he's two, I don't think he knows what his throat is). He's drinking, but not eating much. Everytime he eats he crys and gives up. I went and got him those feel better bears sore throat suckers. He sucks on them forever and carries them around, but I don't think they are really helping. I tried giving him some chloreseptic before lunch, thinking that would numb his throat enough for him to eat, but it didn't work. Hopefully, by tonight he will be doing better and will sleep. The last two nights have been pretty rough.

Stamp camp tonight. I need to go get snacks, but I think everything else is ready. I washed my scrubbers and everything is all packed and ready to go. Hopefully it doesn't go too late so I can get home at a decent hour.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Well, Saturday is almost over and I still didn't get done most of the stuff on my to do list from Friday. I got my BC stuff cleaned out, but I still need to make a list of what I have to sell still. I didn't work on swaps. I didn't try out the tin. I didn't make the card for the shower tomorrow. I didn't cut the door prize or get snacks for Monday's stamp camp. I didn't do whatever else I planned to do. Instead I ran around with my husband and went to the grocery store and hung out on SCS a little.

Ok, tonight I need to do the shower card and the stuff for Monday's camp. If I have any extra time on Sunday I will decorate a tin.

This morning my son woke up with a fever so he has gotten most of my attention today. I hate it when the kids are sick. I guess one of the other little boys at day care had a throat problem last week, it wasn't strep, but his throat was all red and swollen. I wonder if this is a virus or if I will be at the Dr on Monday.

My daughter had her parents day performance this morning. She did great! I am very proud of her. The whole show and slide show at the end were a little long, especially with a little sick one on my lap through the whole thing, but I'm glad we went.

Ok, after dinner I am banished to the basement!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yesterday was a crappy day, today a little better. I got a lot of support and advice from the gals on SCS ( They are all so wonderful. Thanks ladies!

I took tomorrow off of work so I can play with my stamps! I have a stamp camp on Monday and have a couple of things to prep, but most of it is done already since this is the 3rd date for this particular camp. It is all around alphabets and monograms. My projects are a Name Frame and 3 Monogram Cards. My upline is doing a Monogram Card Holder with 4 matching Monogram Cards and then a Monogram Checkbook Cover. All the projects came out really cute. I should figure out how to post pictures!

For our next camp we are doing the provo craft tin card holders and the next camp after that will be for the cards to go inside the tin. I think I will play with the tins a little tomorrow since we have been debating the best way to adhere the paper to the tin. I've seen a few different ways on SCS. I think we are going to try them out and see which we like best.

I've also got a big swap coming due at the end of June. DKOS (different kind of swap) #7 on SCS. This is a really cool swap where we all start out with the same basic plan for the cards (stamp set, colors, and embelishments, etc) but then we each add our own flavor to it. It is amazing how different they look in the end. There really are some talented folks on this site.

I'm also going to faciliate our demo group meeting on the 19th so I should figure out what I am doing for that I suppose.

I wanted to clean out my basement and go through all the BeautiControl stuff I used to sell, make a list and try and try and get rid of it. I'm also planning on dropping off all the business stuff to the director who adopted me up here. I'm sure she can find a use for it.

Oh yeah, I've got a baby shower on Sunday so I need to make a card for that. I guess my day will be pretty busy. We'll see how much of this I get accomplished!