Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back to normal?

The kids are all healthy and back to daycare (knock on wood). Nothing too exciting happened the last few days.

Got my daughter's preschool report card. Said she was advanced academically and socially and that she is ready for kindergarten. My jaw dropped when I read this because just a month earlier I had called her teacher and discussed whether she should go into Early 5s or kindergarten and without a doubt the teacher said Early 5s. I agonized over it and finally came to terms with that was what was best for her and now a month later a complete 180. My husband met with her teacher the next day and she said we would be holding her back if we put her in Early 5s. She said the last evaluation she did was in December and that our daughter had made amazing progress since then. I wonder if she had my daughter confused with another girl when I talked to her in late April. So now my husband called the school and our daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall. She's young, but big for her age so at least this way she may fit in better in the long run. I don't really doubt that she can handle it, I never did.

No big plans for the weekend, but I need to work on my swaps. Now that the stamp camps are done I have all my supplies back at my house in one place!
I need to fix a couple ink pads that got dirty at the camp. Bummer! This one gal was rubbing them furiously on the background stamp and now all the edges are fraid. On top of that she took some light colored pads and used them on stamps that had residue on them from the dirty scrubbers. I can't believe how quickly those scrubbers get dirty at a stamp camp!


Anonymous said...

My daughter also has two kids and one on the way. Her third one is due in October . I'm very proud of her ! She's a great mother and a patient wife. she's also into scrapbooking.I'll bet you would like her.she's so busy with her job, her family and her hobbies it's no wonder I rarely hear from her . But she knows I love her anyway . I liked your blog.It's a good way to get to know you . Keep up the good work!

Lorien said...

Oh Dad you are so funny!!!