Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yesterday was a crappy day, today a little better. I got a lot of support and advice from the gals on SCS ( They are all so wonderful. Thanks ladies!

I took tomorrow off of work so I can play with my stamps! I have a stamp camp on Monday and have a couple of things to prep, but most of it is done already since this is the 3rd date for this particular camp. It is all around alphabets and monograms. My projects are a Name Frame and 3 Monogram Cards. My upline is doing a Monogram Card Holder with 4 matching Monogram Cards and then a Monogram Checkbook Cover. All the projects came out really cute. I should figure out how to post pictures!

For our next camp we are doing the provo craft tin card holders and the next camp after that will be for the cards to go inside the tin. I think I will play with the tins a little tomorrow since we have been debating the best way to adhere the paper to the tin. I've seen a few different ways on SCS. I think we are going to try them out and see which we like best.

I've also got a big swap coming due at the end of June. DKOS (different kind of swap) #7 on SCS. This is a really cool swap where we all start out with the same basic plan for the cards (stamp set, colors, and embelishments, etc) but then we each add our own flavor to it. It is amazing how different they look in the end. There really are some talented folks on this site.

I'm also going to faciliate our demo group meeting on the 19th so I should figure out what I am doing for that I suppose.

I wanted to clean out my basement and go through all the BeautiControl stuff I used to sell, make a list and try and try and get rid of it. I'm also planning on dropping off all the business stuff to the director who adopted me up here. I'm sure she can find a use for it.

Oh yeah, I've got a baby shower on Sunday so I need to make a card for that. I guess my day will be pretty busy. We'll see how much of this I get accomplished!

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Crystal said...

Hey girl! I use the sticky strip and it works wonderfully for me. I have one done here at my house if you wanted to have a look see. It is not as finished as the one I gave Jennifer for Christmas, but I plan on doing some more! Good luck!