Thursday, April 05, 2012

Michigan Mingle 2012

In March we had the 5th annual SCS Michigan Mingle. It's taken me some time to recover from that weekend. Ha ha! There's not a whole lot of sleeping going on. Lots of giggling and staying up late.

Here are the friend frames I made for my roomies and coorganizers.

Tracy's Frame
Patty's Frame
Emma's Frame
Pony's Frame
Robin's Frame
To make these, I dug out every friend related stamp I could find and stamped them on the background paper. Then I covered that with tissue paper to mute it a bit. The roses in the corners are done with the watercolor rose technique. I also altered the frames a bit. Some have acrylic paint and they all have glitter and crystal effects.To finish, I put ribbon on the outside of the glass but through the frame.