Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Latest Addiction

When I was younger I was obsessed with R.L Stine and Christopher Pike books. I used to read a whole book in one sitting or during the drive up north for a camping trip. I grew up, went to the local college, and got a job and didn't have time to read like that. A few years ago some of the gals at work were reading those Janet Evanovich books. I was lent a few of them and really enjoyed them. Recently, for some strage reason, I decided I wanted to read again. Maybe it was so I could grab some time for myself and not feel as guilty about it. So I decided to go back to Janet's books and start at the beginning of the series. They are hilarious let me tell you. I also thought I should try out Harry Potter since I had enjoyed some of the movies. So as of now I have read the first two books in both series and I am about to start on the thirds.

My habits in blog reading have also been changing lately. I was into checking out all the stamping blogs but now I have found some that are more about people, people who are different from me and have really enjoyed reading about them. I shared a few recenlty and now I want to share the one that has me obsessed lately. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I just finished reading her whole blog from the beginning to the present and it is hilarious! It is amazing to see how much has happened to her in the past year and a half because of her blog. I want to move my husband to OK and turn him into a chaps wearing cattle rancher so he can make my hiney tingle the way her Marlboro Man makes her hiney tingle. I think hiney is my new favorite word. She has also inspired me to learn more about my camera and to try and take better pictures. There is nothing I hate more than looking at a site with out of focus pictures. And if you don't want to read about all the ranchin' stuff you can check out her cooking site and try out some of the yummy sounding recipes!

Have you heard about the gal that put those pokemon cards her kids snuck into the grocery cart up on Ebay? She has a blog too. Because I Said So . Now her life isn't so much different than mine, but she is funny too. It is amazing to see how much the internet has changed these peoples lives.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm back!

Actually been back for almost a week. But I just haven't gotten around to posting. We drove 22 hours straight to get home. Vacations are exhausting with 3 little ones and we just didn't want to drag it out another day. I shouldn't have said we in regards to the driving. I offered plenty of times, but Corey insisted on doing it all himself so he could brag about it later. Men. I did drive for a little bit on the way there. I was begging to drive so he would have to be the one to deal with the kids every two minutes. But he wasn't falling for it much. I've got lots of pictures to share, but I want to save those for another day. Last night I was playing with my camera and my settings must be off. I don't know much about my camera. I have to pull out the book. I try to keep it on the default but Corey must've switched something on it. Here are some funny pictures from last night.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Twisted on a Smaller Scale

I recently participated in a Twisted ATC swap. No vendor restrictions so I decided to try out one of my Bellas that have been hiding in my contraband box. I have a contraband box full of non-SU stamps that I buy and look at. I took them to my pals house recently to show a couple of my fellow SU demos the unmounted stamps and acrylic stamps. My upline Tracy actually put ink on one and stamped it. Did you see the look on my face Crystal? I was in shock. She took away my Cosmo Bella's virginity in a flash just like that in front of my eyes! I eventually got over it. Anyway, I buy these stamps and then don't use them unless I have a reason to. I rarely get to stamp just for fun. I have to sign up for swap so that I have a reason to stamp and then my husband has to let me and most of the swaps are SU swaps and prepping for stamp camps is all SU stuff so my contraband sits in it's lonely box. But Cosmo Bella has been out a couple of times since she lost her virginity. And this is one of them.

Sorry the picture isn't the greatest. I didn't make any extra and needed to get them in the mail. Three kids were waiting impatiently to leave while I tried to snap this pic.
The saying is "People like you are the reason I drink!". The colors are Certainly Celery, Bashful Blue, Chocolate Chip and Blush Blossom. Her shirt is some desiger paper from one of the SU minis that I can't think of the name of. There is some bling on her drink. It is a little crystal thingy from Amuse.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On second thought...

Friday wasn't as good of a day as I thought it was. It was a day of ups and downs. After I posted I ripped a whole in my jeans. That was bad. So at lunch I went out and got a new pair of jeans that fit really good and were on sale for $16. That was good. I also picked up quite a few clothes for Morgan who is growing like a weed and they were clearanced on top of the marked down. That was good. I picked the wrong line at the check out and that TOOK FOREVER. That was bad. Ok well enough about Friday.

Today I have a couple more cards from the DKOS swap to share.

The first is a Donut Card made famous by JanTink, well famous to me anyway. I got to use my scalloped circle on this one before it started acting up on me. The card base is Rose Red and I used the Spot On Jumbo wheel in white craft ink. I put a Certainly Celery scallop circle on the front and punched a 1 3/8" hole through it and the front of the card. Then on the inside I have layered circles and images from the Seeing Spots set in Cameo Coral and So Saffron.
This one is made with the Touch of Nature set. I also used my Weathered background on it. The base is Almost Artichoke and then I have Brocade Blue and Bravo Burgandy. The ribbon is the bluebird grosgrain SU retired. I watercolored the flower with Peerless Transparent watercolors from and I also used the oval scalloped frames and doodles from stampingfreak with my Giga Scalloped Oval. This one is kind of off center because I decided to add it after I punched and didn't get it lined up quite right, but the ones for the swap were all good. I'm not thrilled with this card. Not sure if it just isn't my style or I am missing something...

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's a good day, really it is

It started out with my 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't want to wear his spiderman shirt. He wanted to wear his incredible shirt. We have 3 Incredible's shirts and he already wore two of them this week. I told him spiderman was lonely and missed him. So I had him dressed and he went into his room and found the last clean incredible shirt. I told him not to put it on...mainly because he had spiderman shorts on and it wouldn't match (yes, I am a bit anal when it comes to these things) and also because I just didn't want him to get his way after throwing a fit. So I go into the bathroom and help big sissy get her teeth and hair brushed and come out to find Dad putting the incredible t-shirt on him. I lost it. Gave Dad a lecture on giving into a 3 year old after throwing a tantrum and when we left the house everyone was dressed as I had planned.

Got to day care and found out that one of the gals from the infant room is going to be leaving. Barb is a really sweet lady and I will miss her. Morgan is going to be transitioning to the toddler room next week so she wouldn't be spending much more time with her anyway. Yes, they are kicking Morgan out of the infant room. She is the oldest in there and there are new babies that need spots. Plus, she looks longingly through the french doors to the toddler room most of the day, I am told. Morgan takes all the toys from the less mobile babies too. She is the big bully of the infant room. No not really, but she does hog the toys and push the other babies around in the walkers. They need to get it on video. It is like walker bumper cars with Morgan leading the pack, or so I am told.

Then I come to work and check my email to find that the velvet wine bags my upline ordered to test for our next camp work. THEY WORK!!!! We will be doing velvet stamping on the bags for one of the projects for our Christmas camp. Woo-Who!! Can you tell I am thrilled? The first bags that came in did not work. So we were looking for alternative projects, but now we don't have to. So our Christmas camp will feature the velvet wine bags, a candle & tile candle holder set, a little purse thing with 3X3 cards in it (I think that is it), and 3 simple Christmas cards.

And now for a card...
This card features the Doodle That set (didn't make the big catalog). The colors are Soft Sky, Chocolate Chip, More Mustard and Always Artichoke. I did some DTP on the card base. I roughed up the edges of the chocolate chip with the distressing tool in the cutter kit. I used the word window punch for the little tab thing. I used my scalloped circle punch and other circle punches. I also used a stardust pen on the swirly vine part, but it is hard to see here.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's About Darn TIME!

I took some pictures of the stuff I had been working on in the last MONTH or so. Here is a card I did for Crystal's non-convention goers swap.
Sorry it is kind of dark. I took it outside because it is usually brighter, but a cloud must've passed by. This is the Baroque Motifs set. So classy! I used Not Quite Navy, Soft Sky, Basic Black and Whisper White. The swirl image is stamped in Soft Sky on the white and also stamped in versamark and embossed clear.

This card I am aweful proud of. It was for the Different Kind of Swap #13. The rules for this one said we had to use It's Your Birthday, Chocolate Chip, Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore and brads... What a crazy color combo, huh? Well I went looking for my Au Chocolat paper (which I didn't find and I know I have to have some left) and instead I found this paper I got at Joann's before Christmas. And can you believe it actually had those colors in it? Well close enough for me any way. I added some Apricot Appeal paper and used Real Red brads.

I've got a few more pics to share, but I will save those for another day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sorry for the lack of stamping stuff lately

I need to take pictures of some of the cards I made the weekend before last... Maybe tonight.

I've got a couple of projects I need to get done this weekend and then we will be going on a family trip across country to Colorado to visit my Dad and Grandpa. It has been a long time since I have been out there and Corey and I are really looking forward to it. The kids are really excited too. I'm kind of nervous about spending 20 hours in the car with 3 kids ages 5 and under, but we will survive.

I've been wanting to share this blog with you. It isn't a stamping blog, but I have become fascinated with it. Her life is just so different than mine. It looks like it is straight out of BH&G or something like that. I think she actually is in some kind of magazine. Go check it out and see if you get sucked in like I have... When I have a rough day I can imagine I live in her world.

Posie Gets Cozy

Ok and here is another cool blog.

Inspire Co

Friday, August 03, 2007

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

I don't believe it! My pal Kimmy sent me a message saying I had won GinaK's latest Blog Candy and I had no idea. I won a GIGA SCALLOPED CIRCLE!!!!!!!

Go check out GinaK's blog... She has just announced the next Stamps for A Cause set and it is for Make a Wish. How great!

And check out Gina's store I ordered my 1st NON-SU stamps from her and they are great. Super quick shipping. And the Peerless Transparent watercolors are cool. Take a peek at those. I just used mine this weekend.