Friday, August 10, 2007

It's a good day, really it is

It started out with my 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum because he didn't want to wear his spiderman shirt. He wanted to wear his incredible shirt. We have 3 Incredible's shirts and he already wore two of them this week. I told him spiderman was lonely and missed him. So I had him dressed and he went into his room and found the last clean incredible shirt. I told him not to put it on...mainly because he had spiderman shorts on and it wouldn't match (yes, I am a bit anal when it comes to these things) and also because I just didn't want him to get his way after throwing a fit. So I go into the bathroom and help big sissy get her teeth and hair brushed and come out to find Dad putting the incredible t-shirt on him. I lost it. Gave Dad a lecture on giving into a 3 year old after throwing a tantrum and when we left the house everyone was dressed as I had planned.

Got to day care and found out that one of the gals from the infant room is going to be leaving. Barb is a really sweet lady and I will miss her. Morgan is going to be transitioning to the toddler room next week so she wouldn't be spending much more time with her anyway. Yes, they are kicking Morgan out of the infant room. She is the oldest in there and there are new babies that need spots. Plus, she looks longingly through the french doors to the toddler room most of the day, I am told. Morgan takes all the toys from the less mobile babies too. She is the big bully of the infant room. No not really, but she does hog the toys and push the other babies around in the walkers. They need to get it on video. It is like walker bumper cars with Morgan leading the pack, or so I am told.

Then I come to work and check my email to find that the velvet wine bags my upline ordered to test for our next camp work. THEY WORK!!!! We will be doing velvet stamping on the bags for one of the projects for our Christmas camp. Woo-Who!! Can you tell I am thrilled? The first bags that came in did not work. So we were looking for alternative projects, but now we don't have to. So our Christmas camp will feature the velvet wine bags, a candle & tile candle holder set, a little purse thing with 3X3 cards in it (I think that is it), and 3 simple Christmas cards.

And now for a card...
This card features the Doodle That set (didn't make the big catalog). The colors are Soft Sky, Chocolate Chip, More Mustard and Always Artichoke. I did some DTP on the card base. I roughed up the edges of the chocolate chip with the distressing tool in the cutter kit. I used the word window punch for the little tab thing. I used my scalloped circle punch and other circle punches. I also used a stardust pen on the swirly vine part, but it is hard to see here.

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Jana Emmert said...

Cool card, Lorien! I'm definitely going to have to CASE this one. Love the color combo and the word window punch. Gotta get that Sanded BG for sure.
Love the stories about your kids! Lucky for me, my son never cared at all what he wore, still doesn't and he's almost 18!