Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm back!

Actually been back for almost a week. But I just haven't gotten around to posting. We drove 22 hours straight to get home. Vacations are exhausting with 3 little ones and we just didn't want to drag it out another day. I shouldn't have said we in regards to the driving. I offered plenty of times, but Corey insisted on doing it all himself so he could brag about it later. Men. I did drive for a little bit on the way there. I was begging to drive so he would have to be the one to deal with the kids every two minutes. But he wasn't falling for it much. I've got lots of pictures to share, but I want to save those for another day. Last night I was playing with my camera and my settings must be off. I don't know much about my camera. I have to pull out the book. I try to keep it on the default but Corey must've switched something on it. Here are some funny pictures from last night.

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