Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Latest Addiction

When I was younger I was obsessed with R.L Stine and Christopher Pike books. I used to read a whole book in one sitting or during the drive up north for a camping trip. I grew up, went to the local college, and got a job and didn't have time to read like that. A few years ago some of the gals at work were reading those Janet Evanovich books. I was lent a few of them and really enjoyed them. Recently, for some strage reason, I decided I wanted to read again. Maybe it was so I could grab some time for myself and not feel as guilty about it. So I decided to go back to Janet's books and start at the beginning of the series. They are hilarious let me tell you. I also thought I should try out Harry Potter since I had enjoyed some of the movies. So as of now I have read the first two books in both series and I am about to start on the thirds.

My habits in blog reading have also been changing lately. I was into checking out all the stamping blogs but now I have found some that are more about people, people who are different from me and have really enjoyed reading about them. I shared a few recenlty and now I want to share the one that has me obsessed lately. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I just finished reading her whole blog from the beginning to the present and it is hilarious! It is amazing to see how much has happened to her in the past year and a half because of her blog. I want to move my husband to OK and turn him into a chaps wearing cattle rancher so he can make my hiney tingle the way her Marlboro Man makes her hiney tingle. I think hiney is my new favorite word. She has also inspired me to learn more about my camera and to try and take better pictures. There is nothing I hate more than looking at a site with out of focus pictures. And if you don't want to read about all the ranchin' stuff you can check out her cooking site and try out some of the yummy sounding recipes!

Have you heard about the gal that put those pokemon cards her kids snuck into the grocery cart up on Ebay? She has a blog too. Because I Said So . Now her life isn't so much different than mine, but she is funny too. It is amazing to see how much the internet has changed these peoples lives.

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