Monday, June 05, 2006

Home with a sick kid...

Today I am home with my son. My husband took him to the clinic on Sunday and his throat is all red and swollen so they put him on antibiotics. He has been on them for almost a full day but is still complaining of a sore mouth (he's two, I don't think he knows what his throat is). He's drinking, but not eating much. Everytime he eats he crys and gives up. I went and got him those feel better bears sore throat suckers. He sucks on them forever and carries them around, but I don't think they are really helping. I tried giving him some chloreseptic before lunch, thinking that would numb his throat enough for him to eat, but it didn't work. Hopefully, by tonight he will be doing better and will sleep. The last two nights have been pretty rough.

Stamp camp tonight. I need to go get snacks, but I think everything else is ready. I washed my scrubbers and everything is all packed and ready to go. Hopefully it doesn't go too late so I can get home at a decent hour.

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