Monday, June 18, 2007

Soon to Be Retired SU! Stamps For Sale

Here is a preview of the stamp sets I will be selling as of July 1st. We technically are not allowed to sell any current items so that is why I said preview. If you want any of these sets contact me to reserve them. Anything not reserved by July 1st will be going up on Ebay. They are mounted and in good condition. If you are not local contact me to work out shipping arrangements. Feel free to share my list with other stampers if you want. Thanks!

Loving Hearts $15
Mon Ami $10
Holiday Spirit $15
Sweet Holidays $10
It All Adds Up $15
Celebrate in Style $15
Fun Filled $10
Little Hellos $10
LoveYa Bunches $10
A Little Love $10
Mixed Bouquet $20 - Cheryl V
Watercolor Minis $10
Burst into Bloom $8 - Kristine B
Spring Garden $15 - Sherri
Fall Whimsy $10
Fishy Friends $15
Around & About $8 - Lisa P
Fontastic $10 - Sherri
Brushstroke Alphabet $20 - Lisa P
Alphadots $25
Alphadot Numbers $10
Only Ornaments Wheel $3 - Lisa P
In Any Event (Hostess Set Level 2) $20
All Around Argyle (Hostess Set Level 3) $25

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