Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something to Show You

Oh lookie what I have to show you. See my wonderful tin that I made with the Petals and Paisleys designer paper. The ribbon is from the ribbon originals that was in the winter mini. I've been hoarding it. But now that I am using it I really like it. And under the tin is a little something else... do you see it? It isn't mine. I had to borrow one from Crystal because mine aren't coming until tomorrow!!!!

Funny story about this tin. I put the ribbon around the "belly" of the tin and couldn't get it to match up good. It was in the back so I was just going to leave it, but then it was bugging me. So I put the bow on it to cover it up. I felt weird about my tin having a bow on it's butt so I took it off and turned it around to the front. I couldn't get the sticky strip off, so I put another layer on top and it just isn't sticking well so I think I am going to have to take it off and use my hobby blade to try and get it off and start over. I think I may have to keep this tin for myself. Oh well. I have 2 others in the works. I need one for a tin exchange I am in and the other will probably go to my convention buddy. I couldn't make it to convention this year so I got a buddy who is going to give me the scoop and maybe pick up a little something from the momento mall. Well, off to go look at the catty some more!


carrie said...

Beautiful tin, still haven't gotten brave enough to try one of those.

Sorry you'll miss convention this year, we'll try to keep you posted online as much as possible!

Donna B. said...

it's so cute!