Friday, June 22, 2007

*Sigh* Still Nothing

No one on SCS has gotten the catalog yet. Or if they have it they aren't saying. Looks like we won't hear anything until next week. This is the last of the cards I made a few weeks ago that I haven't shown. I plan to do some stamping this weekend, some nights next week, and next weekend so look forward to some new stuff. My oldest two will be with grandma so I get to stamp when Morgan is preoccupied or sleeping. Teethy

Let's see we have Almost Amethyst, Pixie Pink and Cool Caribbean. There is also some Amethyst paper from the Palette o Prints sampler we were able to order. This was done for a different kind of swap where we have to follow the directions they give us. I think this one just said we had to accessorize the elephant or whatever animal we used from the wild about you set. I decided to make it a baby card and used the It All Adds up set (which I am selling by the way - See June 18th post) for the accessory and the background. I had cuttlebugged some paper and didn't know what to do with it so I threw it on these cards. Also the clip thing is a weird paper clip I think I found at the dollar store.

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