Saturday, December 09, 2006

UHU and Starbucks

Today my samples of UHU arrived. They sent a glue stick and the Twist & Glue. I'll have to try them out maybe tomorrow and report back.

I also made my first candles. That is what I'm doing with the Starbucks altered frap packs. It was pretty easy, but I have to top them off some more. I keep getting holes in the middle. I found you need a little more than 2lbs of wax for all 4 jars. Strike that - You are probably better off with 2lbs of wax for three of the bottles. The wax came in a 2lb package and by the time you top off the bottles a couple of times you are safer just doing three rather than trying to get all four out of it. The first set I did was hazelnut coffee scented and the next will be french vanilla. I also have a pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and sugar cookie. Yum, yum! Once I get the packs decorated I'll get some pictures.

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