Saturday, December 23, 2006

Movin' right along...

Foot loose and fancy free...Isn't that from the Muppet Movie or something? The Frap packs were easier to decorate than I thought. Believe me, they are aren't fancy. I wrapped some patterned paper from Joann's around the carrier and printed 'labels' on card stock with the flavors of the candles and did some DTP on those and slapped them on. I figured it has taken me two weeks to make the candles - that is good enough! I have to take pics with my 35mm and scan the pics after they get developed. And I don't think Santa is bringing me my digital camera...I'm kind of pissed at Santa right now but that is another story.
I got 3 out of the 4 frames stained last night. Much easier to stain wood than it is to do the primer and then paint it. I tried that with the 4th and then tried to go back and that one is pretty crappy looking right now so I am going to have to fix that. Right now I am making a pie and brownies while I wait for Corey to come home so I can go back down in the basement. Did the grocery shopping this morning. That was fun - NOT!

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