Monday, December 11, 2006

Super Simple Christmas Card

I had scanned in this card and trimmed the black around it off and it just looked like 3 dots so I rescanned it and left the black on so you could see that it is a card! I joined the JulieHRR super simple card movement and made this my Christmas card.
There are a few details that make it more than three dots on white, but of course they are hard to see here.
First of all I used the SU shimmery white card stock just to make it a little more sturdy and give it some class.
Next, the middle snowflake (all three from the Snow Flurries set in the Holiday Mini) is heat embossed with clear over the Encore Silver ink.
Then, all three snowflakes are dry embossed. You can kind of see it on the cranberry one here. This is the first time I have really dry embossed on one of my cards. Can you believe it? I've had all the stuff for years and never used it. I've tried dry embossing before, just never did it on my cards. Tip - rubbing some wax paper on your card tock before dry embossing really does make a BIG difference. I was amazed at how much easier it was and you don't have to rub the wax paper hard.
The inside is stamped with Happy Holiday's from the Warmest Regards hostess set. I love that set. The font is great.
I tried to add some organdy ribbon along the side and it just didn't look right so I took it off.
I made 25 of these in a couple of hours. Then I got to work on a few other things. I'll try to scan one of the purse calendars in later today.
This card was inspired by many on SCS who were part of this year's simple Christmas card movement.

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