Friday, July 27, 2007

Pictures from My Yard

Tonight is the last round of the current stamp camp and we are already in the planning stages of the next two. We've got the dates and we are working out all the details. If anyone lives near Shelby Twp, MI and would like to come to one of our stamp camps leave me a comment and I will forward you the announcements and details.

Here are some pictures I took in my yard last Friday while the kids were riding bikes.

I have the most beautiful day lilies. There is a man who lives not too far from me that has gardens full of them and he does botany stuff and comes up with new ones all the time. I would love to get more from him but they are kind of expensive and my front yard has these, and my back yard is pretty over grown so I need to take out stuff before I can put more in.

This is a weed in my yard. Isn't it pretty?

This is lichen or whatever you call it growing on my tree. Exciting, huh? I was playing with my camera.


Paula said...

I think your pics of your flowers are beautiful. How nice of you to notice even weeds are pretty!

Kim said...

Cool Beans Beauty Queen. Love the Daylillies, I saw them in Wisconsin and was like what?

They grow everywhere. Ours are almost over here in MA. Have fun with the camera! Kimmiek