Friday, February 02, 2007

LMAO about Glitter Herpes!

Oh my goodness! There was a thread on SCS today about glitter herpes. Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies or something. It is so true. I don't use it often because it gets everywhere. Yes, it's pretty, but I don't want it on me and everything else. I don't want to spread it to everyone I send a card to. I tried Heat N Stick with it and it helps, but I still get a little coming off. Or if you mix it with clear embossing powder or use the Iridescent Ice or Hologram Highlights it just doesn't have quite the same effect. So I was laughing so hard and wanted to share some of the funny stories from that thread here.

A woman had a gyno appointment and wanted to "freshen up" before the
appointment so she grabbed a washcloth off the sink, did a quick pass and headed
off to her doc's office. The doc proceeded to do the exam and said "Boy, someone
has taken some extra special care of things". The woman wondered what he meant
but didn't think about it again until later that night when her daughter asked
her what happened to the washcloth full of glitter that had been on the bathroom

Can you imagine?!?! That doctor must've thought she was a nut.


Allison said...

Great story...another one for my DH to roll his eyes at!

Anonymous said...

LOl I've had that one emailed to me adozen times and still laugh knowing full well with 2 little daughters it could well be more than a myth. :} it could happento me!
thanks for the laugh