Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drumroll Please....

My daughter picked numbers so you can thank or blame her, whichever the case.

The grand prize of 2 stacking circle punches goes to comment #4

Anonymous said...
hi Lorien.. I really have to open an account so I canstop
being anonymous! :}Glad you got your supplies today for your workshop! That was
fast!I love teh pics here on your sight. Ihaev 2 techniques I think I haev
finally mastered... The cracked ice usignthe UTEE (makes me think BLAdder
infection ugh!) and the SOOT! tech. I love using candle fire to burn the glossy
cardstock ;] you get a different image or background every time. Colorignon it
first before you soot it awesome as well.It's always a WOW! like the cracked
glass and anyone can do it if I can...So glad you survived your first week back
at work. I knew you coudl doit! Happy stamping Hugs KimkSUDF
6:30 PM

The runner up prizes go to comments # 2, #11 & #12 which are:

Allison said...
Hmmm...I am not really good at my techniques just yet. I was going to try ghosting this weekend after I saw a nice Lovely as a Tree example. I like crayon resist and gamsol/prismacolor pencils as well. As you can see, being a relative newbie, I am figuring out the basics before I go to some of the other great things I have seen on SCS (I don't even own a stylus or a heat gun yet...shh!). Thanks for the contest...

3:55 PM

marcie said...
My favorite technique (today) is coloring with the watercolor crayons. Still need lots of practice, but I do enjoy it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

3:02 AM

Crystal said...
Are you suprised to hear how much I love faux stitching? WITH THE HOLES PUNCHED CHEATER! HA! Punch holes with hole piercer from tool kit and connect the dots with the white gel pen! SO cute! Now my dear friend Lorien does it a cute way too, she just makes the lines with the pen and skips the holes, she thinks it is too time consuming, but her stuff is great even without holes! :)

9:14 AM
I know how to find KimK's address and I have Crystal's so I just need Allison's and Marcie's. You can send them to me at

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for sharing!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Whooo, hooo! Great job Maddie! I had been looking at some of those valentines stamps at Michael's!