Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Winter Mini Pre-order

Today us demos could start ordering stuff from the winter mini. My order is in already! I got Big Pieces, Fancy Flexible Phrases and the Small Tag Punch. Of course I got some other stuff too from the big catty. I can't put in an order unless it qualifies for hostess benefits. That's not a real rule, just mine! I needed some stuff for our next stamp camp, a gift for our group's Christmas exchange and a few things I have been wanting for awhile. Next week sometime it will be here!
I'm cleaning the house now, can't you tell? I'm waiting for the floor to dry. I need to feed the kids and if I have time later I will post some cards I made. I haven't posted any good stamping stuff for awhile.

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Crystal said...

We NEED to get together soon! I keep struggling with what to order from the mini....there is not alot that I LOVE but several that I like a bit. UUUGGH!