Thursday, November 30, 2006

New addition!!!

Another you say? Well, this is one of the furry nature. She doesn't have a name yet. We go pick her up on Saturday. I can't wait!!!!

You think I am crazy, right? We already have dogs. Here is how I am justifying this one.... Ever since I had kids I became an obsessive compulsive freak about dog hair and other stuff on my floors. This one is a minature schnauzer and they don't shed.

Corey has a couple of hunting dogs that I keep telling him he needs to get rid of because he never has time to spend with them. And we have our Lab Sable that we have had since we first started dating. She will be with us forever, but she lives in the outdoor heated condo because of all her shedding. Plus, she isn't exactly thrilled about the kids. She tolerates them when they are outside playing with her, but I can tell she would much rather they leave her alone. I don't think she would ever hurt them, but she is a big dog too so I don't want to take any chances either. Accidents happen. I've been wanting a family dog for a long time. My Grandma had a schnauzer when I was growing up and she was my best buddy. She would go with me every where. I miss Sarina. So I am finally going to get my house dog!

Here is a picture from the breeder. Isn't she sassy?!

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