Monday, July 10, 2006

Back to Work...

Well, I was off last week and now I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. We all went up to Ludington and that was more like work than it was relaxing. After we got back I spent one whole day weeding my front flower bed and then it took me the whole next day to clean the house because I was so sore from weeding the day before!

Friday morning we took Carter to the doctor. They had us get his blood drawn just to check that there wasn't anything weird there that would cause him to have leg pains. I heard back from the Dr. today and the blood work was all normal. Now they are sending us to a cardiologist to do an echo and check out his heart. If that looks normal than it is most likely just growing pains. Which it probably is, but better safe than sorry with the family history.

Friday evening I got to stamp! With my up-upline from Texas Tara and my pal Crystal. It was fun. Poor Tara was the one who kept our group going when she was here and now that she moved she is pretty much on her own down there. She was so excited to stamp and see some of the projects I had been working on lately. Crystal and I told her she needs to spend more time on SCS!

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paige said...

I know what you mean about needing a vacation after your vacation! Hope all of the health issues work out ok. If your Texas friend is in west texas, she should give me a call! I really just wanted to pop in and say hi from a fellow SCSer and hope your summer is going well!