Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My 1st new catty order has been in picking status all day!!!! I need it to SHIP. It has my supplies for the stamp camp next Saturday. It needs to be here by next Friday at the latest. Before then would be good! I've checked probably about 10 times today and it still says picking. It really can't possibly take that long to pick. It wasn't that big!

OH DAD....Are you out there? Guess where the Stampin' Up convention is going to be next year? Can you say Denver??? Maybe next year we will finally be able to swing a trip out there and I can combine it with my convention. Corey has had a few very slow months at work, and now this month he is kicking butt!!! He has like 15 loans in the system for this month and when they close we will be caught up and then some. Most should close next month which means the Septemeber check he gets will be great! Now he just needs to keep this momentum going.

I need to go do some work now. I've been avoiding it all day. Doing everything other than the stuff I need to get done. I better do it now or I will have to do it tonight and that won't be easy with Maddie and Carter bugging me every two seconds.

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