Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My initial, slighty intoxicated, thoughts on the new SU! Catalog

Last week, my dear friend Crystal came to my rescue and brought me one of her preordered catalogs so I could drool over it. I decided not to buy a box this year and instead buy a couple from my upline since I only have one customer and do a workshop once every few years. She showed up in the midst of a crisis that didn't turn out as bad as I thought. My son had cut his lip and I thought he put his tooth clean through it, but he didn't. Anyway, once I got all the kiddies to bed I decided to indulge in a big glass of wine. It was like half the bottle mixed with a little sprite, because I am a sissy and a lightweight when it comes to drinking. If I drank more often I am sure I wouldn't get tipsy so easily. After taking only a few sips and perusing the catalog I decided to shoot an email off to Crystal telling her thanks and apologizing for the craziness and telling her what I thought of the catalog. I also sent this to Tracy, my upline, just incase she wanted to know what I thought too. I guess wine makes me chatty. Lucky for Crystal and Tracy I have a severe aversion to the telephone or I would've been chatting their ears off. So I thought I would share with you all what I thought since I know the whole world is dying to know what I think of the new catalog...

Thank you so much for bringing me that catty! I am so sorry all heck was
breaking loose when you showed up. I was going to make you look at Carter and
tell me if I should take him to the ER, but I didn't want to traumatize you or
Megan. It ended up not being that bad after we got it to stop bleeding and put
ice on it to get the swelling down. Phew!

So after all that I opened a bottle of wine and have taken two sips from my big glass and have been perusing the catalog. So don't mind the chattyness. Have you made out a list yet? Of what you are going to order I mean. This is my list. I need to talk this through. Hee hee.

Tasty Sweet - cute, but how many Halloween sets do I really need? I
have carved and candlelit, and have used it maybe once. It isn't current though,
but we aren't doing a Halloweeen camp so it would only be for personal use...

Snow Swirled - really like this one. But how many Christmas sets does a
girl need. My projects for our Christmas camp don't really require stamping so I
don't need another, but I may cave on this one. I am such a sucker for

Owl Together Now - I am disappointed in this one. The owls are
too little. I think I am going to have to get the one from CHF with the owls or
the PTI one.

Humor in High Heals - This one is a maybe... but
then I just looked at the price and am not so sure it is worth that to

Cheers to You - Yeah I am getting this one and I know you
probably don't need to borrow it. Does it seem like the newer sets are
higher priced than they used to be? Well they are die cut.

Crazy for Cupcakes - Cute. Maybe. Giant cupcake on the next page... umm probably

Putt Putt - Cute concept, but not for $24.95

Pocket Silhouettes - Cute, but too small for me I think.

Inspired By Nature, Kindred Spirits - both of these intrigue me. I'm not sure though.

Happiness is a Journey and Nature Silhouettes - I would like to have a masculine set. I like the saying in the first, but not really feeling the train. I like the images in the second, but I don't know when I would use the sentiment. You know I'm not all about that.

Under the Stars - Definately when it is on sale like I think I heard
it would be.

Say it with Scallops - I like it. I wish that lollipop image
was some where in a different set and bigger though. I like the lollipop

Puns from the Past - I like this. I like puns. The images are kind
of small. I like bigger. It is in the preview catty so maybe when those sets are
on sale.

I'm so happy the Summer Picnic didn't retire and you have a pack
of paper you can use. If you want to borrow my Tart and Tangy someday you

I don't like the Christmas paper so much and I need Christmas paper
for the camp. We are making some gift bags... I hope there is some cool paper in
the Holiday mini. But our camp is in October so I don't know if I will be able
to order that in time. Ok now off to finish my wine.


HW said...

I sat with my catalog while reading your post so I could look up each set you mentioned.

I also love the Crazy for Cupcakes set. I will confess to loving the giant cupcake next door. I think it would be neat to stamp it without the words on patterened paper, cut it out so that the cupcake paper was in the patterened paper, then stamp it again on white so the frosting, etc was ready for coloring. Add some embossing powder to the cherry and sprinkles and I think that would make a neat card. That's what I plan to do when I get around to ordering it.

I also have already ordered the train, because I think it's a good companion to the lighthouse on the following page - maybe for a set of masculine cards.

Anyway, I enjoyed your post.

Crystal said...

I wouldn't have minded a call at all!

P.S. SO glad Carter's injury wasn't as traumatic as some of Tracy's!