Monday, July 21, 2008

Making a Promise to Myself

Sorry for the lack of creative posts! I haven't stamped since my last stamp camp. Oh the horrors. I have plans to stamp this Friday with my pal Crystal. Hopefully, I can come up with something good and it won't be a repeat of the worst stamp night ever where I made The Card from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

So the reason for this post is that I am making a promise to myself regarding my stamp buying habits. I have so many stamps that I had to have and that haven't gotten used. I am no longer going to buy stamps (other than SU!). I am going to earn those stamps that I want. How will I do this, you ask? I will use what I have, or get images from other stampers, and make projects to enter contests to win said stamps. Or enter blog candy drawings (don't laugh I have one two blog candy drawings in my life). Or get on a design team.

These are the stamps I want and I am going to earn (this list maybe modified):
  1. Verve Anniversary Birds
  2. The Cat's Pajamas It's a Mod, Mod World
  3. CHF Kim Hughes URA Hoot
  4. CHF Kim Hughes Making the Grade

Ok there are more I want, but maybe I should stop here and see where that gets me. Hee hee.


Crystal said...

You crack me up! You can always borrow my stuff but I don't have the things on your list. I think there should be a stampers library in every city across the globe!

piccadillie--SCS said...

Lorien, I think that card is cute. You shouldn't stress over these things. I too also have stamps I haven't used in awhile. So, you're not the only one.

MY Inky Fingers said...

I am going through the same eye opening realization! I have always been a freak for the SU retiring list; I usualy spend $300 or more. This year, I haven't bought a thing from the retiring list! I have SO many stamps that I just-had-to-have, and yet they have never been cut & mounted! I am with you on the I'm-Not-Buying program! I'll be your support group!

LorieR said...

You are making me laugh! (thanks) First of all, your card from H-E-double hockey sticks is so beautiful. Was that night and still is. Second of all, congrats and good luck on your pact with yourself. Sounds like a plan! Maybe I'll see you in the parking lot again! ;)