Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Furry Side of My Family

This is our old gal Sable. She is 10. We got her when we first started dating. Both of us were deprived of dogs in our youth so we are making up for it now. Corey was big into duck and goose hunting so he wanted to get a Lab. Sable is not the typical affectionate lab. I think she was separated from her mom too early. She is very independant and doesn't really care if you pet her. She pretty much just walks away from the kids. Carter chases her all over the yard and she just keep walking away from him. Sable has had two litters of puppies. One was planned. That one she had 10 babies. 6 girls and 4 boys. 6 of them were black and 4 were yellow like their daddy. The other time we didn't even know she was pregnant and Corey went out to feed the dogs and heard crying. We quickly moved them all into the house and set up a bed for her. She had two out in the kennel and had two more overnight in our basement. They were mixed puppies. We believe she hooked up with Ace's brother Duce that we had at the time, unbeknownst to us.

This is Ace. He is an English Pointer. I think he is about 4 year old. He is one placement away from being a champion field trial dog. He makes me a little nervous because he has a big strong looking jaw, but he has never tried to bite us. He loves attention and to be petted and he listens very well to my husband. Not so much to me. He looks at me like who are you talking to? especially if DH is around.

This is my baby Bailey. She is a Minature Schnauzer. She is the only house dog. The others all stay in the outdoor kennel that is heated in the winter. She is almost 2. Corey hates her because she barks at everything. The only thing that bugs me about her is that she always manages to get her tongue in your mouth when she gives kisses and she gives them when you aren't ready. Eww!

This is Dot. She is an English Setter. She is only a couple of months old. They are similar to English Pointers, but they have longer hair and don't get as big. She is a nut and likes to chew on everything including the kids. Morgan does not like her at all. There is Maddie sitting in the background.

And here is Daisy. Ace's girlfriend when she gets older. Also an English Pointer. About the same age as Dot. She is a sweety. And if you want to see the freckles on her butt check out the next picture. I stratigically placed a flower over the not so cute part. You can click the pic to see the freckles if you want.

THE END! Hee hee!


Emma F said...

Wow Lorien, that's a zoo! Love all your dogs, esp. the new Daisy ... and her freckly butt ... which is just too cute for words (thanks for the flower though!). Em x

Dawn Marie said...

How cute!!!All your dogs are awesome! I love the flower censor! Very kind of you!LOL

Crystal said...

Daisy is so cute! And I see Bailey there...ahhh, yes, Bailey...a wee bit hyper is that dog! It appears as if you are holding her down from jumping on you. Nahhh-she doesn't jump does she? ;)

Klick Here said...

Punny! Love it!

And your dogs are oh-so-adorable. If you're ever looking for a dog sitter...who lives in another state...let me know! ;)

Audrey said...

I am such a dog person. I love your photos. I have two of the four legged guys. Somehow both of them think they are human. My 75 pound dog tries to sit on my lap. It's a riot. All that fits is his head.