Friday, April 04, 2008

It's been a good week...

as far as stamping and blogging goes.

I had sent out a few thank you cards to the dirty gals who demo'd at our SCS MI Mingle. They didn't participate in the card swap so I sent them one of my extra swap cards. Rose Ann sent me a PM and asked if she could post it on her blog and she did. Check it out! I know you probably already saw it, but now you can see it on her blog too. And while you are there make sure you check out all her other beautiful stuff!

The Cat's Pajamas is having a weekly challenge now. This is this weeks challenge. I was going to make a card for this last night and I have it pretty much worked out in my head, but it was cold and I couldn't make myself go downstairs. At the end of the month a Swanky Stamper will be crowned out of all the entries for that month. So I was checking out the competition and then I saw this entry and figured I may as well not even bother! Hee hee! I think this chick has the competition in the bag. We'll see how I feel tonight. I may still give it a go.

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