Monday, November 19, 2007

One Sheet Wonder Stamp Camp Projects

Here are the cards from the last stamp camp my upline and I did. For my set the participants got to choose if they wanted to use the In the Spotlight stamp set or the Snowflake Spot. The colors were Not Quite Navy, Blue Bayou, Soft Sky, Naturals White, and Whisper White. My upline used the same template, but different colors and a different stamp set. We found a great template on SCS that had the OSW sheet as well as the layers that you just printed out on the appropriate cardstock. It was a lot of fun.

I got quite a bit of stamping done on Friday while the kids and hubby were gone and at night at my pal Crystal's house. I just need to take pictures of that.

Here are some funny kid stories for you. First was Madison last week while we are waiting for the bus. She told me to watch for the bus and she would keep an eye out in the other direction for the neighbor girl Adriana. Then she says "Adriana's a whore". And I said WHAT!?!" and she said it again. I went on to tell her she should never say something like that and where did you hear this. She says "ya know the pirates say that" and I say "I don't care what the pirates say, you should never say that word. It is a bad word." Then she says "ya know like A whore matey!" and I said "AHOY! aHOY!!! HOY!!! HOY!!! HOY!!!" Phew!
This morning Carter and Morgan are in bed with us when I went to get in the shower. That is nothing new. They both end up there at some point during the night. After my shower I was in the kitchen making Carter's lunch and Corey comes in and brings me Morgan. He said she fell out of bed. She wasn't crying or anything. And she was walking around ok and smiling. But after Carter got up I told him that he needed to watch his sister if they are both in the bed. He said "I was watching her. I watched her fall out of the bed." Then I told him that if it happens again he should try and stop her. He said "I did try. I told her not fall out of the bed, but she didn't listen." **sigh** Ya gotta love 'em.

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Crystal said...

I love these with the Snowflake Spot!