Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In a Funk

I'm in a funky mood today. For some reason I am thinking about the times recently that I have gotten "screwed" by other stampers and it put me in a funky mood. Getting "screwed" by another stamper doesn't happen often. Generally us stampers are nice, caring, giving, wonderful, tallented, amazing people.
Back in June I jumped into this pay it forward thread on SCS. The whole thing with pay it forward is that you do something nice not expecting anything in return. You post and the person before you is supposed to send you something and you send something to the person who posts after you. I participated twice and sent out two packages. I got one package. And at the time it didn't bother me. I even responded to a girl who was whining about not getting her package and said:

haven't gotten one of mine either. It took me awhile to mail mine. Maybe
they are just running late or it may take longer for mail into or out of
another country.

At any rate, we are playing this on game on faith and there
is nothing to do about it. I saw a sign on a church not that long ago and I
can't remember the exact words, but this is similar..."willingness to help
others (even strangers) on the expectation that it will all come back around
in the end" It may not have come back to you in this thread, but it will in another way. That is how I see it.

So now why is this on my mind lately? Probably because I have seen the person who "screwed" me has been having a lot of success lately and I wonder why it works out that way. I guess I also believe in karma and it doesn's seem to be taking effect in this case. Anyway, I am sure that this fellow stamper may have just gotten busy and forgotten about it or maybe it got lost in the mail. I need to just "drop the banana" and move on.

But this got me thinking of another person who owed me something that I haven't gotten yet. Pay attention Crystal, this impacts you too. Back in July I had a convention buddy. I sent her a decorated tin and a brand new package of ribbon originals, plus more than enough money to cover the cost of some convention trinkets, shipping back to me, and any paypal fees. She emailed me during and after convention. She was going to send me notes and was wanting to wait until the middle of August to print out whatever extras SU put on the website for the convention attendees. That sounded great. I emailed her in the beginning of August to see what the status was and she hadn't mailed it yet. She had a lot going on and was going to get them in the mail asap. I still don't have them. I sent her another message yesterday. I want my stuff and Crystal's charm or I at least want our money back. I am so disappointed. And I told her that. Hopefully, it gets resolved soon.

So that is why I am in a funky mood today.


carrie said...

Oh, that sucks. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this but, it does make us stronger.....

Thank you for posting it too - it is important to read about these situations so we won't do them ourselves.

Hope your day gets better!

Crystal said...

I was just thinking about that charm...and then I show up asking to borrow yet another thing from the Lorien Clark store. I really hope your convention buddy gets it together, and not just because of my $10 charm, no biggie on that, I just hate to see you disappointed because you are one of the most generous stampers I know!