Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Got Verve?

I do. I got Verve Visual, some Amuse, some Cat's Pajamas, some Gel-a-Tins and I'm sure there are more. I just can't remember right now. What happened to me? I have become a stamp slut! I used to be true to my SU! I had SU! and SU! only. They are what got me into stamping to begin with. Then I ran into GinaK and her stuff. Had to buy all her cute farm animals. Next came a couple of Bellas. Then PaperTrey. And I stuck to those for awhile. Lately though I have been going crazy. It all started when I got this gift card from work. Free money to buy stamps. I placed another order with PaperTrey. One of the sets was on backorder. No big deal... so I thought. Well I had some money left on my gift card and went to buy a couple other things online. Ran into a problem though because the gift card had my work address as the billing address so there were a couple charges to make sure the card would work, ya know pending transactions and I had put my home address as the billing address and well the card was declined, but some money still deducted from the gift card I would soon find out. I went online to check the balance on the gift card and I see that something isn't right. The PaperTrey order wasn't billed yet and there wasn't enough money left to cover it. Argh! And I couldn't tell what all had been deducted from the balance because they only give you a number and no transaction history. Great! So I contacted PaperTrey right away and asked them to cancel the order. They were packing and shipping it as I was typing so I ended up with the order and I have been trying to pay them for it ever since. They were totally cool about the mixup and were going to send me a paypal invoice so I could pay with another method and they have been so busy they keep forgetting and I keep sending them emails reminding them I owe them money. I am beginning to think they just don't want my money because we are going on 2 weeks here that I have been trying to pay them!
So I had some money left on the gift card and saw the new Verve Visual stamps and really liked them so I spent that money. Then I ran into The Cat's Pajamas stamps and ordered a couple of those, and then I found some gorgeous snowflake Gel-A-Tins stamps and well you can never have too many snowflakes, right? Oh brother! All this stamping around is because of all the other bloggers who post their wonderful creations that make me want new stamps. Maybe I will have some creations to share with you that will make you want to buy more stamps. For right now they are all going into my stamp contraband box until I get the courgage to ink them.

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Crystal said...

There is no way all that stuff is going to fit into your contraband you have to increase its size. It is one thing to be a stamping slut but when you have to increase the size of your box to hold all your new toys you are pushing it!