Friday, October 27, 2006

2 year old boys sure are trouble....

Well, at least mine is. He won't let this baby, or me, sleep. This kid is always up at 6:00 in the morning, comes in to my room and makes a bunch of noise. Or he climbs in bed and pulls my hair or sticks his finger in my ear and his cold feet on my legs. This morning I just about strangled him. He was kissing Morgan while she was sleeping in her cradle, that didn't wake her up but the yelling he was doing later did. Why does he always have to talk so loud? None of this bothered me until the baby came along. Some of it was even cute. He was and still is my mamma's boy. But things are different now. I still love him to death, he just gets on my nerves! He is good for getting tissue, diapers, etc and putting stuff in the fridge or getting it out...He's screaming at me now. Time for a nap. "I'm mean at you" That is what he says when he's mad at me, which seems to happen a few times throughout the day.
I think I am just in this honeymoon stage with Morgan. She screams at me too, but it is because she is hungry, or wet, not because she is "mean at me". She wakes me up every night and morning, but I don't get mad at her when she does.

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