Thursday, September 14, 2006

Exciting Morning

Had a little bit of a scare this morning. Morgan was VERY active during the NST. So much so that her resting heart rate was higher than it should be and he active heart rate was really high. So they sent me to the HOSPITAL!!!! They said there was a possibility that she would calm down by the time I got there and she did. Everything was back to normal when they hooked me up to the monitor at the hospital. THANK GOD! So they let me go. I promised I wouldn't drink any coffee before my next NST.

That was enough to scare Corey. We are headed to Babies R Us to pick up the last of the items we need for her arrival. This way, should I go early, we will be prepared! I better start taking my suitcase to the Dr. with me just in case!!!

I took Maddie to school this morning and dropped her off. Today was her snack day and silly mom bought applesauce. 30 of the cups of applesauce is a little heavy for a 5 year old to be carrying in her back pack so I figured I better just take her and drop them off. I'm really glad I did because it gave me a chance to chat with her teacher for a minute. She said Maddie is doing really well, she is smart and mature and she thinks she will do just fine this year. That was nice to hear since we were going back and forth about Early 5s versus Kindergarten. We didn't want to push her and we didn't want to hold her back either. I think we made the right choice even though she only turned 5 the day before school started. If we would've held her back I think she would've felt more out of place in the coming years. She is on the tall side and would seem really tall compared to her classmates if we held her back.

I'm mailing off round 2 of the twisted and demented swaps. I'll scan them in and show you mine later!

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