Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Everything went pretty smooth...

I was a little teary eyed a few times today, but Maddie seemed to enjoy Kindergarten. Tomorrow is her 1st full, half day without us. Today we were only there for an hour and a half. She gets to ride the bus and everything tomorrow. I'm sure she will do fine. She has already started rolling her eyes at me when she thinks I'm embarassing. It's kind of funny now, because she can't quite roll her eyes, but the rate she is going she'll be a pro at it soon.

Yesterday was the big B-day party at Chuck E Cheese and it was a hit. It worked out really well. Better than having to clean the house and entertain everyone. The kids had a blast.

Today I also had my 36 week check up and another ultrasound. Everything looks good. She wasn't real active while the ultrasound was being done so they told me to drink something sugary before the next one. Afterward, while I was waiting to see the Dr., she was jumping around like a nut. Of course! The best part was he told me I can take Claritin for my allergies. I picked some up today and I'm already feeling much better!

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Crystal said...

Glad you are feeling better!