Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brighten it up baby!

Winter is hanging on and won't give up around here. I'm really ready for spring! I made some changes to my blog to try and brighten things up. I was getting tired of the tans and browns.

This is another card from the SCS MI Mingle. I really think this is the last one! This was Jen's challenge card. We had to use the paper and ribbons and at least one of the images she provided. We could add to it. I added some stickles to my cake, but you can't see them very well in the picture. I wanted the ribbons to be on the left, but after I suck that part on I realized I had done it on the wrong side. The card opens to the right there. Oops!

1 comment:

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh...and here I thought you were trying to add snowy white since most of the snow is gone! haha