Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lilly Belle's Paperie

Long time no post! Last April I let my SU! demoship lapse and I haven't been doing a whole lot of stamping.

I recently purchased some paper and envelopes from a new to me company and wanted to share what I found. I have been reading Laura Evangeline's blog  on and off for a few years. She used to be known as The Stamping Soldier. She served our country in the Army and still managed to do a little crafting. I just noticed that she had her own Etsy Shop where she sells cardstock and coordinating COLORED envelopes, along with various ribbons and embellishments. I was intrigued. There is also a website, but she seems to be leading customers to etsy, so perhaps she prefers people to purchase there.

I purchased the assorted cardstock and envelopes from Laura's shop and I figured I should share what I found. Being a former demo, my stash is limited to just SU! paper other than some Gina K white that I have. The Lilly Belle's paper is a heavier weight than the SU! cardstock. I believe SU's is 90lb and Lilly Belle's is 100lb.

On to the color comparison's. The Lilly Belle's is the 1/4 sheet you see in the photos. You can see the pictures better if you click on them.

Lilly Belle's Dolche doesn't seem to be coated like the SU! or Gina K whites. It seems a tad brighter. Perhaps that has to do with the finish on the others. It is VERY hard to photograph white.

Lilly Belle's Licorice

Lilly Belle's Fudge

Lilly Belle's Petunia

Lilly Belle's Lilac

Lilly Belle's Caribbean

Lilly Belle's Skylark

Lilly Belle's Thyme

Lilly Belle's Caterpillar

Lilly Belle's Orchard

Lilly Belle's Lemonade

Lilly Belle's Daffodil

Looks like I am going to have to continue this in a new post. Too many pictures. Ha ha!

Lilly Belle's Paperie Continued

Lilly Belle's Tangerine

Lilly Belle's Spice.

 Lilly Belle's Grenadine

Lilly Belle's Cheeky

Lilly Belle's Ballerina

And there you have it. Phew!  I hope someone finds this helpful. I'm sending some samples to Joan (aka Paperlicious) in hopes she will tell us what she thinks and compares them to the papers she has. ;)