Friday, June 29, 2007

Just wanted to say thanks...

to all of you who have visited my blog lately and to those of you who have left comments. It is really appreciated. I hope to get some pics of the other tins I did this week posted tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something to Show You

Oh lookie what I have to show you. See my wonderful tin that I made with the Petals and Paisleys designer paper. The ribbon is from the ribbon originals that was in the winter mini. I've been hoarding it. But now that I am using it I really like it. And under the tin is a little something else... do you see it? It isn't mine. I had to borrow one from Crystal because mine aren't coming until tomorrow!!!!

Funny story about this tin. I put the ribbon around the "belly" of the tin and couldn't get it to match up good. It was in the back so I was just going to leave it, but then it was bugging me. So I put the bow on it to cover it up. I felt weird about my tin having a bow on it's butt so I took it off and turned it around to the front. I couldn't get the sticky strip off, so I put another layer on top and it just isn't sticking well so I think I am going to have to take it off and use my hobby blade to try and get it off and start over. I think I may have to keep this tin for myself. Oh well. I have 2 others in the works. I need one for a tin exchange I am in and the other will probably go to my convention buddy. I couldn't make it to convention this year so I got a buddy who is going to give me the scoop and maybe pick up a little something from the momento mall. Well, off to go look at the catty some more!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

All is well

The catalog did start arriving in California on Friday. I got the scoop on what I wanted to know and now I just can't wait to see it!!!

I got a chance to make cards for my friend Crystal's non-convention goers swap. I only signed up for one spot and I took the time to make a fantabulous card, if I do say so myself. I don't know if I have ever made such a complicated card before in my life. No one thing about it was particularily difficult, it just has a lot of steps.

I used the Double Line Doodles set we got at regionals and it will be in the new catalog. I also used the Doodle This set which our friends in CA were able to confirm is in the new catalog. Now the little companion set Doodle That and the alphabet did not make it, I believe so if you want those you can still get them from the spring mini through the end of this month and if you are at all on the fence about Doodle This you may also want to get that now because come July 1st the price on it goes up.

The card base is Summer Sun and the next layer is Rose Red. On the Rose Red I stamped the doodle from Doodle This in Rose Red and in White Craft ink. Then there is a little strip of Old Olive that I did some DTP on the edges with my Black Craft ink. On that is tied the Black Gingham and the Turquoise Grosgrain. Not too bad so far, right? Now the main image is on Whisper White ultrasmooth and layerd on black. Both of those are Ticket Corner punched on all four corners. I stamped the flower from Double Line Doodle in Tempting Turquoise 3 times and the stems in Old Olive. I then went over the stems with my blender pen. Now the little flower centers were done by taking Rose Red and Summer Sun cardstock and pressing the versamark pad to them then using Irridescent Ice embossing powder and my heat tool. Once I did that I stamped the little flower doohickeys with black stazon over top of the embossed cardstock. Then I cut out all those doohickeys and attached them to the flowers with Earth Elements brads. Now the colors of Earth Element brads are Ruby Red, More Mustard, Old Olive and Not Quite Navy and even though they weren't the same colors I used on my card the Ruby Red brads were close enough to the Rose Red and the More Mustard brads to the Summer Sun that they worked in this case because I used them on the opposite paper. Now if I was trying to use the Ruby Red on the Rose Red and the Mustard on the Summer Sun it probably wouldn't have worked.

Friday, June 22, 2007

*Sigh* Still Nothing

No one on SCS has gotten the catalog yet. Or if they have it they aren't saying. Looks like we won't hear anything until next week. This is the last of the cards I made a few weeks ago that I haven't shown. I plan to do some stamping this weekend, some nights next week, and next weekend so look forward to some new stuff. My oldest two will be with grandma so I get to stamp when Morgan is preoccupied or sleeping. Teethy

Let's see we have Almost Amethyst, Pixie Pink and Cool Caribbean. There is also some Amethyst paper from the Palette o Prints sampler we were able to order. This was done for a different kind of swap where we have to follow the directions they give us. I think this one just said we had to accessorize the elephant or whatever animal we used from the wild about you set. I decided to make it a baby card and used the It All Adds up set (which I am selling by the way - See June 18th post) for the accessory and the background. I had cuttlebugged some paper and didn't know what to do with it so I threw it on these cards. Also the clip thing is a weird paper clip I think I found at the dollar store.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

OMG I am going nuts!!!!

HELP ME! I can't stop looking and checking. Someone pull me away. Those cattys need to arrive already.

It is that time of year again

When I sit with my eyes glued to the monitor looking for as much info I can find about the new catalog before mine finally arrives. I got caught up in the retired accessories list yesterday. And now some of the new regional locations are listed and I'm trying to get an order submitted and waiting to clear some things up first. Just one of those days. So enough of that. Here is a card or two for you to look at.

Since it is the 1st day of summer lets go with a couple of summery cards.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Made some changes

I created a free header and made some changes to my blog. I like it. What do you think?

Here is another card we made at the last stamp camp. It uses Big Blooms. Colors are Tempting Turquoise, Green Galore and Cameo Coral.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Soon to Be Retired SU! Stamps For Sale

Here is a preview of the stamp sets I will be selling as of July 1st. We technically are not allowed to sell any current items so that is why I said preview. If you want any of these sets contact me to reserve them. Anything not reserved by July 1st will be going up on Ebay. They are mounted and in good condition. If you are not local contact me to work out shipping arrangements. Feel free to share my list with other stampers if you want. Thanks!

Loving Hearts $15
Mon Ami $10
Holiday Spirit $15
Sweet Holidays $10
It All Adds Up $15
Celebrate in Style $15
Fun Filled $10
Little Hellos $10
LoveYa Bunches $10
A Little Love $10
Mixed Bouquet $20 - Cheryl V
Watercolor Minis $10
Burst into Bloom $8 - Kristine B
Spring Garden $15 - Sherri
Fall Whimsy $10
Fishy Friends $15
Around & About $8 - Lisa P
Fontastic $10 - Sherri
Brushstroke Alphabet $20 - Lisa P
Alphadots $25
Alphadot Numbers $10
Only Ornaments Wheel $3 - Lisa P
In Any Event (Hostess Set Level 2) $20
All Around Argyle (Hostess Set Level 3) $25

Doodle This

I've been meaning to post this card for a long time and just haven't gotten around to it. I love how it turned out. We did this one for a stamp camp a month or so ago. Cutting out the flowers took some time, but the ladies really loved it.

The base is certainly celery and it has the doodle from the set stamped in celery on it. Then there is a piece of chocolate chip with some chocolate chip DTP on it and hand drawn doodles with the white gel pen. Then layer of pixie pink. Some au chocolat paper brayered with amethyst. Then the doodle flowers are embossed in white and cut out and there is some celery ribbon in a knot in the center.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Twisted Cards Round 5 - Rated R for nudity

Warning - Naked Snow People Below.

I call this card "The Cold Shoulder" notice the color of the brads around his umm carrot.

This one says "I heard you needed a lift...Man they weren't kidding." Now her boobs look better than mine after breastfeeding 3 kids, but I couldn't figure out how to make them look saggier without it making my card look ugly. Even though these are funny cards you still want them to look good!

ETA - The inspiration for these cards came from Julia's card from the 1st round of Twisted & Demented swap that actually got banned on SCS. Here is a link to the original on her blog.

Pardon me while I blabber

So I actually made some cards recently, but I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. I just feel the need to blabber today. I'm lonely. I thought I might feel better if I talked to the people I pretend actually read my blog that I never post to because I have been too busy. Maybe I should call you my pretend fans. No, that is probably going to far. You can't have fans if you never share any cards on your blog. My pretend friends maybe...Or pretend readers. Whoever you are, you don't have to really read this. Just pretend you are and I will pretend you did! Winky

So a few months ago the plan was to finish my projects at work and stay home with my children. I had put in my notice at the end of January and was planing to work through April...then it became May... and now it is indefinite. After I put in my notice so did 4 other people Shock 2 and they all managed to just put in the standard 2 weeks instead of 4 months like some idiot I know. (yeah that was referring to me.) So they were all gone and I was still there and my manager started to panic. So I got an offer to stay and my hubby said I better take it because his job is unpredictable. Fast forward to today. I am working in a new office closer to home (that was part of the deal), where I know a few of the gals but not real well and they are all on a different project and I mostly keep to myself. My husband has been "promoted" at work, but so far his pay isn't reflecting that. I pushed him to confront the boss a few times and he did. Now we are waiting to see his check tomorrow to see if it made a difference or not. This promotion has made a difference in his schedule. He now works 3 nights a week and doesn't come home until 10:00. Tuesday was his not late night and he got home at 8:00. He works every other Saturday as well. He has been so busy at work he can never talk to me. After work I chase the kids around until it's time for bed and that is my life.

And on top of all that Splitcoaststampers has been having server issues and I can't get on when I feel the need to blabber!!!! Argh. I've tried retail therapy and usually that makes me feel better, but I really don't have the money for that so instead of making me feel better I have been feeling worse. So I don't know what to do. Stamping usually helps, but I can't seem to find the time when my husband is never home! Any suggestions?

Oh yeah and I need to blabber some more...I have come to the realization that I am not ever going to be stamping royalty so I'm no longer attempting to keep up with a the Jones' of the stamping world. I DO NOT NEED TO BUY THINGS I WON'T USE JUST BECAUSE 'THEY' HAVE THEM. I needed to put that in writting in case I forget. But...did you see the previews of the new papertrey release on Nichole's blog? {capture the moment} (Watch out Crystal that is one of those crazy things 'I' call a hyperlink.) I wasn't in love at first, but the sneak peaks have been getting cuter everyday and I have all the other Papertrey stamps so I can't not get this one, right?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Can you believe this is a Schnauzer?

My Bailey has been spending a lot of time playing outside. She would get wet and then dry and she got some pickers from the field next to us in her beard and on her legs. So when my husband dropped her off to the groomer he told them they could shave her if they couldn't get the mats out of her hair.... They shaved her alright!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Simply Scrappin' Kits for Sale - SOLD Thanks!!!

I have the following Simply Scrappin' Kits for sale. They are all the 12 x 12 ones NIP.

Time for Fun

Travel Time

Island Blossoms

He's Too Cool

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

$12 a piece plus $5 shipping or all 4 for $45 plus $10 shipping. PAYPAL ONLY. Leave a comment or email me if you want any or all of them. Thanks!